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Adult Cat Health Plan 4 - 8kg

We would like to offer clients the option of budgetting for the routine care of their pet - for a regular monthly payment you can receive over a 10% discount off the following services :-
Annual Vaccination (Flu / Enteritis & Leukaemia as required) With Full Veterinary Examination
Free 6 Month Nurse Health Check
Monthly Treatment For Fleas
Monthly Treatment for Roundworms
Quarterly Treatment For Tapeworm
Dietary & Health Advice
The total value of this package is over £150.00 but by signing up online you can receive these benefits for only £10.50 per month (incl VAT),  for 12 consecutive months - a significant saving over the year
1. Fees payable by the Pet Owner
1.1 The Pet Owner will pay GRVC a Monthly Fee as stated above under the chosen Plan fees
1.2 Payments will be taken by Direct Debit, via WorldPay, who administer the direct debit facility on behalf of the Practice.
2. Services provided by the Practice
2.1 In consideration of the fees outlined in 1.1 above, the Practice agrees to provide the services described in the purchased Plan below through a member of staff.
2.2 The 12 month period will run from the Date of Commencement and each anniversary of that date.
2.3 The fees paid under this Agreement do not cover costs associated with treatment which has been specifically agreed to be excluded between you and your Vet, and this would be charged for separately.
3. Responsibilities of the Pet Owner
3.1 You must pay the Monthly Fee. If the Direct Debit cannot be taken, then all benefits under the Plan will cease from the date is was due to be taken.
3.2 You are responsible for ensuring that you make appointments with the Practice and collect the appropriate medications. There will be no refunds for any “unused” services, nor can they be carried forward from one year to another.
4. Administration
4.1 Administration of this scheme is undertaken by GRVC and WorldPay and under the agreement you consent to these companies using the data you provide in order to complete such administration, but your personal details will not be used by them for any other reason.
5. Complaints
5.1 Any complaints should be made in writing to the Practice. Such complaints will be treated fairly and promptly.
6. Changes to the Plan
6.1 The Practice may change the fees payable or extent of services provided under this agreement at any time. The Pet Owner will always be given at least one month’s Notice of such changes. Under normal circumstances, fees would only be changed once each year.
6.2 Any Notice will be deemed to be valid if sent to your last known address by ordinary post.
7. Termination of this Agreement
7.1 Either the Practice or Pet Owner can terminate this Agreement at any time, with one month’s Notice.
7.2 If Direct Debits cannot be taken from the Pet Owner, then the Pet Owner will be deemed to have terminated this Agreement.
7.3 On termination of this Agreement:
• All Services will cease immediately
• If less than 12 months have passed since the commencement of this Agreement, and termination is by the Pet Owner rather than the Practice, then the Pet Owner will be responsible for paying any difference between the amount of fees paid and the Practice’s standard costs for Services used.
• There will be no refund for any “unused” Services.
8. Change of Vet
8.1 If the Pet Owner moved to a different practice, then this Agreement will terminate. This Agreement is not transferable

Monthly Cost: £10.50

Duration(Years): Open Ended


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