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Male Puppy - Small Breed Health Plan

This puppy plan is designed for owners who are looking for savings on their puppies first year of life and want to get their MALE dog neutered
Full Vaccination Course against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza and Leptospirorosis - this involves two injections two weeks apart from 6-8 weeks of age.
Thorough Veterinary Health Check
Free 6 monthly Health Check With a Veterinary Nurse 
Neutering your dog. This involves a general anaesthetic and castration. All the pain relief medications, post op checks and suture removal are included.
And Either
Microchipping and registration onto database (at vaccination or neutering)
3rd Vaccination - parvovirus vaccination at 16 weeks of age
The total value of this package is worth over 190.00.
With this payment plan you pay 60 in month one to register and then just 21.60 per month (incl VAT) for 5 consecutive months a significant saving over the year
Terms and Conditions.
1. Vaccination Course. - The first and second vaccinations must be given 3 weeks apart or a new vaccine course will be needed  and must be paid for separately.
2. Neutering - Your dog must be 5-7 months old. We will not neuter dogs older than this under this health care plan
3. Any complications arising from the vaccination or surgery (eg a dog chewing out sutures) are outside the health plan and may be charged for and  be paid for at the time of treatment.
4. Death or Gone missing. Sadly a very few dogs will go missing or die during their first year of life eg a  road traffic accident. Should this happen then the following payments will apply.   Death before vaccination - No Charge   Death Between First and Second vaccination - 3 months payment   Death After Vaccination and before Neutering - 5 months payment   Death After Neutering - 12 months payment will still be taken as all work has been completed  
5. Relocation - Should your dog move more than 15 miles from GRVC Surgery you will be expected to pay on the same scale as the Death Clause
6. Should your dog be rehomed payment will also be expected as above under the death clause.
7. Should you choose to have any of these procedures done at another surgery or charity there will not be any refund and a full 12 months payment will be taken.
8. By signing up to this program you agree to these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to pursue any monies owed through debt collection and charge interest payments on outstanding debt
9. To be eligible to register, your pet must be under 12 weeks of age when signing up to the Plan.

Initial Cost: £60.00

Monthly Cost: £21.60

Duration(Years): 1


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